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SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST
Original Presumption : That human social interactions will continue to resolve tribal conflicts; and, therein, establish global institutions for natural resource developments that will reflect environmental stewardship with mutually accepted integrity.
This is quite a high expectation.
The question remains : Are we at all a peaceful species ?
There is no historical basis to believe that we seek out continued, inter-tribal peace accords. We are simply hierarchical by genetic predisposition. And, therein, one can only hope to be located sufficiently high enough up the food chain in order to survive with the least amount of pain.
Natural Resource Exploitation :The continued dilemma is that of how to peacefully and cooperatively manage Earth's limited natural resource supplies while our logistics technologies develop the multitude of virtually unlimited interstellar natural resources.

The Other Inconvenient Truth : Economic Planning is based upon continued tribal conflicts; not upon paradigms of peaceful co-existence. Commercial finance and faith corporations do not support either a unitary currency system; and, the continuum of mutually beneficial faith-based conflicts.

Century XXI : The continued intellectual properties and technologies advancements do confound the "Old Guard" regimes. Universal rights to education evolves due to the wise premise of commerce and trade that genius knows no bounds : that the next great leap forward shall come from the least expected realm.

Faith Corporations : It should not be underestimated that where one possesses faith / a sense of connection with creation in the form of a  tangible Creator / that within this comfortable sphere there rises the empowerment vortex.

The Intellect of Life : Two very obvious truths abound in evidence when utilizing the scientific method to examine living mass on Earth : that being that (a) propagation of the species; and, (b) problem solving - which ensures survival by adaption to hostile environments. The earthworms in the soils around Chernobyl after the nuclear meltdown adapted to the overwhelming hostile environment by progeny replication within five years ... as did the rodents.

Tool Making : It is evident that all living species do develop tools for food search. The cleverness techniques are not limited to humans. In fact, we do quite well with very few skills. But, clearly, all living species have a remarkable history of tool making.

Century XXII :  This journey of the remaining 80+ years of the 21st century will witness significant growth in the evolution of the human conscience. Our intellect is quickly striding forward; and, the "Old Guard" of instinct is having dialogue with the "Ginger Group" of knowledge. These two primary brain functions  are actually conversing - which gives rise to hope in that there may actually be a "New Dawn" in the XXII Century.

Patience In The Meanwhile : It is remarkably difficult to exercise patience. This is similar to attempting to NOT think about an alligator for the next minute. But, the rewards are astounding when we actually DO reign in our anxieties; and, permit patience to be our friend and pathmaker.

Commerce and Trade : It is fundamental to successful trade relations that there is the mutual respect platform is established at origin. This is the old tactic of sharing the burden of ensuring that the fire never goes out. This is the social contract; that we shall all at some point undertake to be the fire guardian. Natural resource development is not dissimilar to this guardian role. Stewardship by establishing dialogue with Mother Nature : Gaia comes with the exercise of patience ... and, creation has provided us all with adequate time to undertake this patient conversation; this friendly conspiracy.

The Forum : The United Nations continues to remain in financial jeopardy at all times. And,

The Generals : Outdated military equipment continues to be the Generals' mantra : "More, Please". This anxiety of becoming vulnerable to attack acts in concert with the two other primary factors of governance : Bankers and Church.

The Bankers : The outdated fiscal concepts of profit and inflation as related to GDP shall be replaced by universal singular currency agreements; and, profit shall become quality and evolutionary transitions of technologies and natural resource exploitation. Fractional finance no longer can be tolerated in a peaceful co-existing world.

The Church : Individual faith relations with creation / the Creator provides a peaceful solitude and sanctuary for anxiety mediation and intellectual rejuvenation. Faith establishes and maintains the dialogue between instinct and social conscience / ethics and greed. And, like deep sleep healing, faith does provide the privacy through which each individual can reflect upon "cause and effect".

Summary : Universal access to education remains the cup of salvation. Ensuring that the undiscovered genius will find some pathway through which to bring forward evolutionary technologies and supporting sciences is the role of government. This is the social contract foundation : that direct and representative democratic government shall find refuge in peaceful transparency.

As a species of life, humans should not overwhelm ourselves with the guilt complex. Certainly we can not achieve perfection. But, we can exercise patience and mutual respect.

salus populi suprema est lex : right of the people is the supreme law
SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST
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